Chicago, IL – The Biggest Mistake You’re Making When it Comes to Advertising

The Biggest Mistake You're Making When it Comes to Advertising

Advertising can make or break your business. We all know advertising is crucial, and while there are ways to measure its success, there’s no definitive way to say one type of advertisement is better than another. You have to make tough decisions when it comes to your marketing campaigns.

Because of all of this, businesses large and small, can never be sure of how much to spend on advertising or where to advertise. We try to think of the best way to reach the most people, which is logical, but we often forget the little, more basic things we can be doing to advertise ourselves. What basic things do we mean? Well, it has to do with the biggest mistake you’re probably making when it comes to advertising.

No Wasted Motion

When running a business, especially a small business, every second counts. You need to maximize revenue for every little thing that you do. We’ve seen this concept arise in the cultural zeitgeist recently, most often in reference to professional sports. The concept of “marginal gains” has become very important. This is the idea that the gear athletes wear, what they eat, when they sleep, the kind of bed on which they sleep, the way the wash their hands, and countless other small things like this can have a big effect on their performance. But what is the business equivalent of marginal gains?

How did you get to work today? Did you drive there? How much time do you spend driving to and from work every day? This is just lost time isn’t it? Just something you have to put up with to get to and from work, right? Wrong. You can use that time more effectively. How? With vehicle graphics.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics turn your vehicle from a tool to get from Point A to Point B into a mobile billboard for your business. All that time spent stuck in traffic is now time spent advertising your business. There’s a lot of traffic in the Chicagoland area, so rather than just spend all that time cursing the minivan in front of you, why not instead use that time to boost your revenue?

Vehicle Graphics for Fleets

So far we have discussed the value of putting your business on your vehicle with vehicle graphics. This theoretical “you” being a small business owner. But what if your business involves driving to your customers or clients. Honestly, if you’re a home cleaner, a house painter, a plumber, a landscaper, a roofer, or if you hold any other job that requires you to drive to people’s homes every day, you’re being foolish if you don’t utilize vehicle graphics. And this is doubly true of any business that requires a fleet of vehicles. Branding your fleet with vehicle graphics not only promotes your business it also makes you look more professional.

Significant Graphics

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