Chicago, IL – How can signs help you grow your business?

Growing Business

Have you ever wondered what is the best and most cost-effective way to grab attention for your business, irrespective of the size of your business?

You would be surprised by how much recall value business signs have for the average consumer. Ask any prospective customer about how they got to know about you, and you are likely to hear ‘I saw your sign while I was passing around here’.

Signs can help your business grow. Here’s the lowdown on how custom signs can help you flourish.

Capturing attention

Chicagoland has one of the strongest manufacturing and retail bases in the USA. Competition for setting up and running a business is stiff. A business sign that has all the right elements to capture attention – particularly that of a new business – will certainly have a better chance of attracting attention, than those without.

Sending out the right message

You can go for quirky, traditional, text-heavy, or visual. But whatever you do, make sure your sign is sending out the right message to your target customer base. It can often be a challenge to figure out the right balance and getting help from professionals is vital to ensure your signage is sending the right message.

Building a brand

People often think in terms of logos when talking about a brand. Most successful businesses also have either an image or a tagline that people can immediately connect their brand with. Build a sign that focuses on the logo of your brand. If you are an established business, the logo can help in your branding further. If you are just starting out, the logo will help in establishing your brand from the word go.

Creating a moving advertisement

Think of the amount of time you spend each day moving around in your car. Now think about the ways in which business signs can be incorporated on your car, like a vehicle wrap or a magnet, and utilized as a moving advertisement for your business. You can share contact details of your business by using car door magnets or window decals as custom signs, to give just a couple of ideas.

Pointing customers in the right direction

You might be an online business without a brick and mortar store. How do point your target audience in the right direction? With a custom sign! People tend to notice signs in high traffic areas. You can advertise your website, your social media handle, or simply your contact details for people to reach you.

Getting leads for your business

If you build a sign in the hopes of always landing relevant leads, it’s a bit of a stretch. A good sign is one which not just captures attention, but stays with people. A good sign should have an impact. If someone has seen the sign, but doesn’t need the product and or service, they should connect with it enough to refer the business to someone else in need. In short, a business sign should have the power to persuade.

Advertising special offers

When you are giving out special discounts and offers, custom signs are a good way to get the message across to people. It is certain to trigger a word of mouth chain and increase your revenue.


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