Encompassing a variety of sign-types and purposes, wall signs help employees and customers identify, use, and enjoy the various spaces within your establishment.  Wall signs can provide essential instructions or information relating to the use of space.  For example, in a conference room, strategically placed wall signs may provide instructions on how to use the room, indicating the functions of the different switches and buttons controlling the room.

When considering wall signs for your business, it is helpful to consider each space according to function, brand, and décor.  Function refers to the practical needs of the space, which can be addressed by wall signs.  Integrating your brand should also be considered when choosing wall signs.  This ensures your company has maximal visibility throughout the establishment.  Finally, you may want to consider the aesthetic value of a wall sign, which can improve the experience of a space.

 We can help you design a comprehensive wall sign package that incorporates functional considerations, brand visibility, and aesthetics.  SIGNificant Graphics Inc. is located in the Chicagoland area, and is proud to assist clients across Illinois.  We can walk you through the customization process, helping you choose colors, fonts, and images for your wall signs.

Continental sign

Continental sign

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