Grow your business upward and reach for the stars with a roof sign.  Roof signs are large-scale displays attached to the roof of a building, and they allow visibility from afar.  There are many factors involved in creating a roof sign that can be seen by the public at large.  Are there other buildings or structures nearby blocking sightlines?  Where on the roof should the sign be placed?  In what direction should the sign be positioned to achieve maximum visibility?

Sometimes, a number of favorable factors align, and a roof sign can give your business city-wide reach.  Businesses located in taller buildings on hilltops, or adjacent to major transportation arteries should consider whether a roof sign is appropriate.  If a roof sign is a possibility for your business, we have different options to create a sign that is cohesive with your overall brand and aesthetic.

Businesses hoping to install a roof sign in the Chicagoland area must account for safety regulations, zoning restrictions, and they will be required to have the correct permit for their roof sign.  Fortunately, we are here to help!  Located in the Chicagoland area, SIGNificant Graphics offers full-service signage packages which includes permitting, fabricating, installation, and maintenance.

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