Ceiling signs can be attached directly to a ceiling or suspended from it.  Often used for wayfinding, ceiling signs are common in large establishments and they direct patrons to various services and amenities.  Ceiling signs help organize large crowds in open areas, hallways, and corridors.  In the Chicagoland Area, it would be odd to find a larger enterprise that does not have ceiling signs.  Businesses where ceiling signs are common include:

  • Shopping malls
  • Transportation hubs (subways, bus stations, train stations, airports)
  • Hospitals
  • Sports venues
  • Banks and more

Ceiling signs deliver patrons information that can be seen at a distance, even when amongst a crowd.  However, the advantages of ceiling signs extend to smaller businesses.  For example, a ceiling sign in a small clothing boutique can effectively direct customers to the fitting rooms.

Whether your business is small or large, SIGNificant Graphics Inc. is happy to work with you to create effective ceiling signs that enhance the experience of your patrons. Call us today.

Pharmacy Ceiling Signs

Pharmacy Ceiling Signs

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