Usually located on the exterior structure, building signs identify the business operating therein to the rest of the world.  Building signs become a core part of the urban and suburban landscape, with each tower or storefront announcing its presence to the rest of the world.  Consider the metropolitan core of the Chicagoland Area.  Whether a commercial or a business district, building signs themselves become landmarks.

The choices for customized building signs include:

  • Color
  • Illumination
  • Fabrication material
  • Type of mounting
  • Font
  • Size

At SIGNificant Graphics Inc., we understand the challenges businesses in the Chicagoland Area, and across Illinois, face when choosing their exterior building signs.  As such, we work with clients on all aspects of creating an eye-catching building sign.  However, there is more to this process than simply choosing a color or material.  For example, there are rules and regulations governing signs in various areas, which can impact a business’ choice of building sign.

At SIGNificant Graphics Inc. we work with clients to ensure their building signs comply with regulation, we can help secure permits, we assist with installation, and can provide maintenance.  In short, we are Chicagoland Area’s one stop shop for all signage needs.

McDonald's Building Signs

McDonald's Building Signs

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