Get your business noticed at a distance with an exterior pole sign.  Pole signs are used when a business wants to achieve maximum visibility.  Not only is visibility important for brand recognition, but it is also crucial when customers need to identify your establishment from a distance.  Businesses on highways and major roads use pole signs so that motorists have prior warning that they are approaching, which allows them to position themselves on the road and turn off safely.

Pole signs are larger scale signs, which are mounted to a pole of considerable height.  Often, pole signs are illuminated to increase nighttime visibility.  A pole sign makes your business stand out at a distance, drawing customers from all directions, and can be customized to match your brand or logo.

 SIGNificant Graphics provides full-service signage packages which includes permitting, installation, and maintenance.  Contact us today to learn more about pole signs!

Mobil Oil Gas Station Sign

Mobil Oil Gas Station Sign

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