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Building directional signs help people find their way around buildings. In the world of signage, building directional signs might not be the most exciting topic. Building directional signs may not have the technological advancement of an electronic or a raceway mounted sign, nor the inherent artistic creativity of a wall mural, but they’re incredibly important. If you manage a building in Chicagoland, you need to make sure people can find their way around it. If they can’t, this will affect your business, and not in a good way.

Building directional signs

The term “building sign” can be applied to any sign that appears on or in a building. Typically, a building sign identifies that building and/or the business(es) therein. Directional signs, also known as wayfinding signage, are signs that inform people of how to get where they want to go, whether that’s an exit, a restroom, a reception desk, the emergency room, the parking lot, or anywhere else. So building directional signs are signs that help guide people through a building.

What you should know about building directional signs

So what is there to know about building directional signs? If you need to point out where the fire escape is, just put up a sign that says “Fire Escape” with an arrow, right? Well, maybe. But where are you going to put that sign? What will it look like? What colors, fonts, materials will you use? All of these things matter.

One important thing when it comes to building directional signs is uniformity. Certain signs you have don’t need to be uniform. For example, exit signs come standard and you might want an elaborate sign featuring your business’s logo somewhere, perhaps behind the reception desk. But, by and large, when managing a building or business, you want uniformity in your signage. You want your restroom sign to have the same color scheme as your hours of operation sign and for both to use the same font as your door signs, and so on. The same holds true for your building directional signs. This uniformity makes these building directional signs easier to recognize by your guests and they communicate professionalism and success.

How to get creative with your building directional signs

You can make building directional signs interesting by using materials and colors that really stand out and pop. But you can go even further than that. Building directional signs are generally placed on walls or sometimes on freestanding signs. But you can get more creative by installing building directional signs on your floor or ceiling with floor graphics or ceiling graphics. You have a lot of options but whatever you do, you must make sure that your building directional signs are ADA compliant for the size, nature, and location of your business in Chicagoland.

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