As we go about our daily lives in the Chicagoland Area of Illinois, we barely pay attention to the various directional signs we encounter almost anywhere we are.  Direction signs are so common and essential for civic life that we hardly even notice when we are using them.

The importance of directional signs becomes conspicuous in their absence.  Consider the last time you became lost somewhere or the last time you were late for an appointment because you couldn’t find the place you had to be.  Now think about how clear, visible directional signs could have improved your experience.

Directional signs are evidently crucial for larger complexes, like malls, hospitals, and office buildings.  However, even small businesses may need several directional signs to show their patrons the way to the bathrooms or an emergency exit.  While there are certain ADA regulations that limit an infinite range of possibility, there remains, nonetheless, a surprising amount of options available to businesses looking for customized directional signs.

At SIGNificant Graphics, we would be pleased to help you customize directional signs in keeping with your brand, while ensuring ADA compliance.  Please get in touch – we’d love to chat.

Road Signs

Road Signs

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