Often larger in size than other signs, monument signs are freestanding structures that announce the presence of a business, or businesses to passersby.  Monument signs are usually designed to be visible to motorists and are commonly used by such businesses as:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Corporate business centers
  • Shopping centers
  • Corporations
  • Parking lots
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Plazas
  • Gas stations and rest stops

 Monument signs consist of a base – often masonry – to which the individual sign or signs are attached.  However, in many cases, a monument sign refers to the freestanding signs themselves.  Monument signs are usually intended to have maximal visibility and many monument signs are illuminated.  Materials that can be incorporated into your monument sign are wood, granite, brick, metal or stone.  Customize your sign with your logo and select your lettering.

Given the stature and visibility of a monument sign, businesses in the Chicagoland Area must be aware of zoning restrictions and the permitting process.  Fortunately, SIGNificant Graphics Inc. offers full-service signage packages which can include obtaining the correct permits for your sign, installation, and maintenance.  A monument sign makes your business stand out from far away and could be an excellent investment in your future successes.

SIGNificant Graphics Inc. uses the latest technology and highest of quality materials to ensure your signage is durable and attractive.  Let us help you by designing, fabricating and installing your monument sign!  Call us today.

A Wells Fargo Monument Signs

A Wells Fargo Monument Signs

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