If you need to convey a message from a distance, then a hanging sign might be right for your business.  Hanging signs are usually installed above eye-level so as to be visible to people, even in a crowd.  As such, hanging signs are often used for wayfinding, indicating the locations of important services to patrons.  Hanging signs are also used to convey the presence of a business and is an excellent marketing tool.

Many hanging signs are single signs, affixed to a bracket with chains or hooks.  However, hanging signs can also be attached to larger signs.  Or, several hanging signs can be affixed together, which is an effective way of conveying the presence of multiple businesses sharing the same complex.

Often hung perpendicular to the façade of a storefront, hanging signs ensure your business is visible in all directions.  If you have a shop on a busy street, a hanging sign can help customers identify your business in advance.  There are numerous options when choosing a hanging sign package, including:

  • Interior and exterior
  • Type of mounting
  • Stylized brackets
  • Colors
  • Fonts

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Close up of pharmacy sign hanging on store

Close up of pharmacy sign hanging on store

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