When several businesses occupy the same building or complex, a clear, visible directory sign is crucial.  Directory signs provide visitors with the information they need to locate the business or service they are seeking.

Think of the number of high rise buildings there are in the Chicagoland area. Now imagine that you have a meeting or appointment in one of these buildings, but you are not entirely sure of the exact unit number.  What is it that you will probably look for upon entering?  A directory sign.

There are several types of directory signs.  Some directory signs provide an alphabetical list of tenants, along with their unit numbers.  Other directory signs are schematic maps illustrating the layout of the building, key amenities, and business locations.  Another form of directory sign is used at key junctures (such as near elevators) and it lists the different businesses or services, using directional arrows to help patrons reach their target.

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Hospital Directory Signs

Hospital Directory Signs

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