Businesses in the Chicagoland Area that want to attract attention and distinguish themselves from others in the neighborhood often choose raceway mounted signs for their exteriors.  Raceway mounted signs use rectangular modules, on which letters, symbols, and images can be attached.  The module contains all of the wiring components used to illuminate the attached sign elements.  Because they are illuminated, raceway mounted signs make your business visible 24 hours a day.

Raceway signs can be customized to reflect your brand.  We can help you find the best colors, letters, and images that will adorn your establishment’s exterior.  Our high-quality materials, state of the art fabrication technology, and solid knowledge of design principles are put to work for your business.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, which is achieved through our iterative customization process, incorporating client feedback every step of the way.

 Located in the Chicagoland area, SIGNificant Graphics is happy to answer your questions about raceway mounted signs and all of your signage needs. We can customize signs for individuals, charities, major corporations, and retail stores.  We’d love to help you create a durable and eye-catching raceway mounted sign, so please get in touch to tell us what you need.

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Open 24 Hours Signage

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