If you are looking to make your business stand out or to convey a certain message, an electronic sign might be right for you.  Electronic signs are illuminant media, which simply means that they use light to convey their message.  This can make electronic signs ideal for nighttime and dark areas, where they can convey important information at a distance.  There are several types of sign that are classed as electronic, including:

  • Neon signs
  • Fluorescent signs
  • LED/LCD/HID plasma signs

Electronic signs display static or moving copy.  Sometimes, the appearance of motion is achieved by alternating the illumination of individual bulbs on a sign.  However, more advanced displays can display the message as a video.

At SIGNificant Graphics, we can help you figure out what kind of electronic sign is best suited to your business needs.  It is important to remember that in the Chicagoland area, zoning will impact what kind of electronic sign your business is allowed to use.  We’re here to help with the creation, installation, permitting, and maintenance of your electronic sign.  So call us today, we would love to chat about what kind of electronic sign is right for you.

Airport Electronic Signs

Airport Electronic Signs

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