Chicago, IL – Shine at Trade Shows

Trade shows can be hugely important to a number of businesses. They offer a rare opportunity to really get your name out there. Trade shows allow you to showcase your wares or services to potential customers, as well as other businesses with whom you may want to work. They also give you an invaluable opportunity to network and make connections that could be crucial to your business’s future. Clearly, trade shows are important. Trade Show Pitfalls But trade shows don’t always go well. For one, not all spots at trade shows are equal. If you...

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Chicago, IL – Building Signs

Competition is tough in the Chicagoland area. We at SIGNificant Graphics understand this. That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with the best, eye-catching, durable, and cost effective signage you can buy. Signage can have a really big effect on business when it is on the exterior of your building. Building signs identify who you are to the world. As such, building signs are very important. Here are six ways you can use building signs. To Identify your Business Let’s not overlook the obvious. The primary purpose of a bui...

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