Chicago, IL – Banner Signs

What do you need to know about banner signs? It’s a banner with some text on it, right? What more is there to know? Isn’t it self-explanatory? Well, to a certain point, yes. The banner sign’s simplicity is one of its greatest selling points. But if you actually have occasion to use a banner sign, there’s a lot more that you should know. What is effective banner usage? What can you do with banner signs? When are banner signs better options than other kinds of signs? Are there different varieties of banner signs? Where and when are the be...

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Chicago, IL – Wall Murals

Wall murals; are they art or advertising?  They can send a message, have a meaning, and make a statement. They can even bring a smile to one’s face. Some are beautiful, some are not, and some are not meant to be. But can you use a wall mural to promote your business or brand? Are wall murals effective at promotion? Are wall murals art or advertising? Art vs. Advertising Art is meant to make people feel or think. It can make us feel loss, grief, pain, and sorrow. It can make us feel love, joy, contentment, and satisfaction. Wall art can mak...

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