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How to Shine at Trade Shows

Trade shows can be hugely important to a number of businesses. They offer a rare opportunity to really get your name out there. Trade shows allow you to showcase your wares or services to potential customers, as well as other businesses with whom you may want to work. They also give you an invaluable opportunity to network and make connections that could be crucial to your business’s future. Clearly, trade shows are important.

Trade Show Pitfalls

But trade shows don’t always go well. For one, not all spots at trade shows are equal. If you’re stuck in an out-of-the-way corner of the convention center, it will be hard to attract people to your booth. Furthermore, if you’re next to a really exquisitely set-up booth, you might look poor by comparison. But there is something you can do about this. For starters, think about it as positive. Surely, you want to be situated next to the heavyweights in your industry with their impressive booths, no? Everybody will come to see them and you’re right there! But how do you capitalize on all the traffic? It all starts with a high quality trade show sign.

Trade Show Signs

A well-made, eye-catching, and vibrant trade show sign is key to having a successful trade show booth. You need a way to attract people over to you and the first step in doing that is to grab their attention. And the best way to attract people’s attention is with an eye-catching sign. Your trade show sign and display must be, first of all, visible and beyond that, vibrant and bold. But that’s not all a trade show sign should be.

Presumably, you’re going to be going to more than just one trade show. This means that your trade show sign also must be durable and portable. Even if, for some reason, you only intend to ever visit one trade show, you still have to make sure that you get your trade show sign gets there in one piece and in working order. So a well-made and durable trade show sign is imperative. Remember, if you can’t even get your trade show sign to work, what chance do you have of convincing people that your product or service works?

Types of Trade Show Signs

There are a number of different types of signs you can use at your trade show display. These include banner signs, A-frame signs, and tabletop signs. To be a bit more high tech, you can also employ a background display that utilises compelling images and graphics to convey your business’s unique offerings. Whichever type of trade show sign you choose, you need it to be made from top quality materials with state of the art fabrication technology, and made by professionals who possess a solid knowledge of design principles.

SIGNificant Graphics

At SIGNificant Graphics, we know how important trade show signs are to our clients. We go all out to make the best trade show signs for customers with our iterative customization process that incorporates client feedback every step of the way.  We are located in the Chicagoland area and are proud to assist clients all across Illinois. Please contact us at 312-IMPRESS (467-7377) or at our website and we can help you design a trade show sign package for your business.


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