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For businesses that are at street level and want to identify themselves, it’s pretty easy to just hang a sign on their front door.  Hanging a sign on the front door, in the front window, or even a sign on the awning are all great options, but they all have one flaw.

Signs are in the Eye of the Beholder

You can have a great, eye-catching sign on the front of your business, so for people to see it, they would have to be looking at your business directly. If they are walking along the sidewalk or driving past it on the road, they might not be able to notice your business at all.  There is a good chance they will just walk right by you.  And that’s not good for business. What can be done about this?

Projecting Signs

The solution to this problem is a projecting sign. A projecting sign is a sign that projects out of the building perpendicularly.  The purpose of this type of sign is to identify and promoting the business therein. Let’s face it, competition is tough in Chicagoland. You need to do whatever you can to get your Chicago area business noticed.  A projecting sign can do just that.

A projecting sign allows your business to stand out from the others. Quite literally in some cases. By stating who you are and promoting your business on both the front and back faces of a projecting sign, you allow a passerby to find your business even from a distance.  And this can be a big advantage.  Once they see your sign at a distance, they might get a craving for whatever you sell and walk right through your front door.

How Projecting Signs Work

Projecting signs are typically hung from mounted wall brackets. There are a variety of different types of brackets from which to choose. These brackets range from a minimalist look to highly ornate. Beyond the bracket, you can pick whether your sign face is printed or carved, whichever suits your business best. If you’re particularly interested in having your sign stand out in the dark, than an illuminated projecting sign will be your best option. Whatever you choose, your projecting sign, like any other sign you commision, should be manufactured using only the highest quality materials and designs. When choosing a sign company in Chicagoland, make sure to pick one that offers sign design so that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

SIGNificant Graphics

If you live in Chicagoland and would like to learn more about your projecting sign options, then please get in touch with us at SIGNificant Graphics. We can get you the projecting sign you need.  We help you during every step in the process from design, to manufacturing, to installation. Call us today at 312-IMPRESS (467-7377) to book a free consultation or contact us via our website.


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