Chicago, IL – Who Should Design Your Sign?

Who Should Design Your Sign?

If I were to ask you where you would go to get a sign designed, you would probably answer with something like, “I would go to some place where they make signs. Like a sign shop”. And that would be a good enough answer. Living in a small market, you may not have many options when it comes to sign design near you. You may have to take what you can get or else make a bit of a trek to the nearest urban hub. But if you live in Chicagoland, you don’t have to take just what you can get. You can find companies who can design your sign exactly how you want.  They can give you tips and suggestions to help create the best possible sign for you. But who does the best designing of signs near you and how can you find them?

Sign Design

When you run a business or organization in or near Chicago, then the time will eventually come when you need a sign. Often, the sign you need will be functional. Perhaps wayfinding signage, a reception desk sign, the restrooms, or an elevator sign. You might find yourself asking, “Who designs signs near me?”.

If you only go to a sign shop when you need functional signage, you’re missing out on all the promotional and marketing advantages a well designed sign can give your business. A good sign company can design a vibrant point-of-purchase display that not only directs people to the nearest cash register, but might also inspire them to make an impulse purchase.  They can design compelling vehicle graphics that turn your work vehicle into a moving billboard that promotes your business. Another can design a magnificent trade show display that gets you noticed at the trade shows that can make or break your business. A good sign shop can design any sign you need and make it just right for your business or organizational purposes.

The Nuances of Sign Design

Sign design isn’t just about making sure your text is legible and the colors grab your attention, though matters such as those are crucially as important. There are many other things that excellent designers can do to your signage. They consult with you on what materials to use to get the durability, portability, lightness or heaviness, and price point to meet your requirements.

Furthermore, Illinois state laws and Chicago city ordinances might affect how you can use your signage. You don’t want to have a wonderfully designed sign manufactured for you only to discover that you can’t use the sign where and how you wanted.  A great sign design company near you can warn you of such potential obstacles.

Sign Design Near Me

There is an excellent sign design company near you and it is called SIGNificant Graphics. Contact us via our website or by phone at 312-IMPRESS (467-7377).



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