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How to Spruce Up Your Business with New Signage

If you’re starting a brand new business or opening a new office or retail space, you will need new signs to go with your new decor and to inform your customers, guests, and employees of all the things about which they need to be informed. But the opening of a new business should not be the only time that you consider purchasing new signs. New signs are sometimes required to promote a new product or service, to tell customers about a sale or event, or to inform about a temporary renovation. But again, these are not the only times new signs are beneficial.

Spring Cleaning with New Signs

Spring is in the air here in Chicagoland and many of us are embarking upon spring cleaning endeavors with an appropriate amount of dread and anxiety. But spring cleaning is not just for our homes but our businesses as well. And spring cleaning is not just about scrubbing the restroom floors or dusting the light fixtures. It’s also about making things feel fresh and new. This might mean getting a fresh coat of paint on the walls or maybe buying some new furniture. Sometimes it can be as simple as rearranging the furniture you already have. But however you spruce things up in your lobby, office, restaurant, or retail space, you should definitely consider getting some new signs.

Reasons to Get New Signs

What are some reasons that you would need to get new signs? Of course you shouldn’t buy new signs just for the sake of buying new signs. But there are lots of good reasons why you might need new signage. These reasons include:

  • New information: As mentioned above, the number one reason people get new signs is to deliver new information to the customers in their retail space, the employees in their office, the patients in their reception, the clients in their lobby, or whomever else. New information might include: a new business name, slogan, or a rebrand, a new product or service, a change in a given service, a change in price, or more practical information, like if you’ve moved things around and the reception desk has changed places.
  • Rebrands: Rebrands aren’t just about new names, however, they tend to encompass a whole host of changes. Whether you are strategically rebranding or just want to change things up a little, altering your color scheme can go a long way. But if all your old signage adheres to an old color scheme or no color scheme at all, you should change it so that everything is uniform and looks more professional.
  • Seasonal events: It’s good to have signage you can bring out every year. This is especially true for restaurants and retail spaces, but seasonal signage can also serve a purpose in office and lobbies. Whether it’s as simple as a portable, professional looking sign that says, “Season’s Greetings” for December, or something more involved, like, “Spring Savings Blowout Sale!”, a new sign that you can bring out once every year can be very useful.

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