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There is a common phrase in business, as well as in life, that “you get what you pay for”. And this is, generally, pretty true. Choosing the cheapest option is often not the wisest decision, because what’s cheapest now can end up costing you more in the long run. But this is not to say that the more expensive option is always the better option. There are many times in life when an inexpensive product can do the job you need perfectly well. And this is true in the world of signage, as well. Take, for example, banner signs.

Banner Signs

In terms of signage, banner signs are one of the most affordable products there are. Banner signs typically cost less than an alternative type of signage you could use for a similar purpose. This affordability speaks to the simplicity of the banner. It’s merely a lightweight strip of material hung from two points or supported by a pole or stand of some sort. Simple, inexpensive, but incredibly effective. Or, at least, banner signs can be incredibly effective when designed well, manufactured properly, and displayed in the right spot.

When to Use Banner Signs

OK, so banner signs are inexpensive and effective. But when and where are they most effective? When should your Chicagoland organization or business use a banner sign? When would be appropriate? Well, ultimately, you can use a banner sign whenever you darn well please. Their low cost means that having a banner sign made for your business or event is unlikely to ever hurt you. But banner signs are more popular for certain occasions more than others. Popular scenarios to use a banner sign include:

  • To send people seasonal greetings, whether for the winter holidays/Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, the summer, Halloween, or any other time.
  • To promote seasonal, annual, or one-time sales events.
  • For a community or church fair, picnic, meeting, or event of some kind.
  • For a grand opening or a closing.
  • For moving in or moving out of a retail space.
  • To celebrate a staff member’s promotion or retirement.
  • For a community sporting event.
  • To accent your everyday decor.
  • And more!

Customizing Your Banner Sign

A banner sign that just says, “Summer Sale” or “Fall Fair” with black ink on a white background isn’t particularly compelling, though. Especially since there is so much more you can do with a banner sign. There are hundreds of different fonts from which to choose, for one, and you can play around with color, as well. Then there are borders, shading, and patterns you can utilize to stand out and catch the eye. And then there are images, graphics, and logos you can use on a banner sign, to make the sign unique to your business or event. Because banners are so lightweight, versatile, and affordable, there’s not much limiting you beyond your imagination.

SIGNificant Graphics

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