Chicago, IL – Monument Signs: The Basics

Monument Signs: The Basics

If you manage a business, building, or property, then you’re probably also in charge, to some degree, of the signage of that business, building, or property. And since you’ve found your way to this website, you’re probably interested in that signage. If so, you may have come across this class of sign known as “monument signs”. This is not a term that is typically understood by those who have not before purchased a monument sign or who otherwise are involved in signage. But don’t worry, we at SIGNificant Graphics have got you covered. Here are the basics of monument signs.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are pretty much what they sound like. They are signs that are also monuments. By “monument” we don’t mean something grand like the Lincoln Memorial. We just mean a sign that is also its own structure. Monument signs are typically larger in size than most other signs and monument signs are freestanding structures. The purpose of a monument sign is to announce the presence of a business, or businesses, to passersby. Imagine a big, solid sign by the road of a minimall; this is a classic example of a monument sing. Monument signs are usually designed to be visible to motorists and are commonly used by businesses such as:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Corporate business centers
  • Shopping centers
  • Corporations
  • Parking lots
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Plazas
  • Gas stations and rest stops
  • And more

The Structure of a Monument Sign

Monument signs consist of a base, which is usually masonry, on which the individual sign or multiple signs are attached.  Keep in mind, though, that in many cases, a monument sign refers to the freestanding signs themselves. Typically, the main goal of a monument sign is to be as visible as possible. Because of this, many monument signs are illuminated. Monument signs can be made out of a number of different materials including wood, granite, brick, metal, and stone.

Other Considerations for Monument Signs

Feel free to customize your monument sign with your company logo and select lettering that is consistent with your brand. You should also be aware that, because of the stature and visibility of a monument sign, businesses in the Chicagoland Area must obey all zoning restrictions and carefully follow the permitting process. Fortunately, SIGNificant Graphics Inc. offers full-service signage packages which can include obtaining the correct permits for your sign, installation, and maintenance. We also employ the latest technology and highest quality materials to ensure that your monument sign is not only attractive but durable enough to stand the elements for years. A monument sign makes your business stand out from far away and therefore it very well could be an excellent investment in your future successes.

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