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Wall murals; are they art or advertising?  They can send a message, have a meaning, and make a statement. They can even bring a smile to one’s face. Some are beautiful, some are not, and some are not meant to be. But can you use a wall mural to promote your business or brand? Are wall murals effective at promotion? Are wall murals art or advertising?

Art vs. Advertising

Art is meant to make people feel or think. It can make us feel loss, grief, pain, and sorrow. It can make us feel love, joy, contentment, and satisfaction. Wall art can make us think about inequality, violence, mortality, the interconnection of all things in the universe, and pretty much anything else. It is often challenging, but all the more rewarding for it.

You can find artistry in pretty much everything human beings do and make. If we take Aristotle’s definition of art as something that has no practical function, then a wall mural made for the purposes of advertising and promotion can’t be art. But, to be honest, Aristotle was wrong about a lot of things. And what’s he done for your sales numbers lately? The best wall murals can be both art and advertising. You just need the right wall mural.

The Purposes of Wall Murals

While you absolutely could use a wall mural to sell a specific product or service to the general public, most wall murals go beyond that in scope. Wall murals are often used to communicate brand identity. What is your business about and what do you stand for? Wall murals can be designed for the general public, for the staff of a business, or for both, as in a lobby or reception area. Wall murals are a great chance to make a statement.

Bold Statements

Wall murals are typically one of the larger types of signs you will find. It’s a whole (or large part of a) wall, after all. This means you have a lot of space with which to work. What do you put there? Well, pretty much whatever you want. How is your brand represented and what are you trying to communicate? Does it include your vision? That’s what you put on a wall mural.

And just because you can have an ornate, rich, involved wall mural, doesn’t mean you have to. Minimalism and negative space can also be very effective. A simple company logo on a wall can speak volumes. Or, if you decide that a rich scene with multiple figures and objects is what you want, a wall mural can accommodate that expertly as well.

SIGNificant Graphics

A wall mural is only as effective as how well it is designed and installed. It is a significant investment so you want to work with the best company you can to achieve your goals and vision. If you’re interested in commissioning a wall mural in the Chicagoland area, please contact SIGNificant Graphics today.


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