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Traveling Indoor Signs

Getting noticed in Chicagoland is not exactly easy. This is doubly true for a small business. Small businesses don’t have big advertising budgets. And Chicago is an expensive market in which to advertise on radio and television. But don’t worry, because there are certain things you can do. And the first step toward utilizing some very cost-effective advertising is to ask yourself, “Is There Somewhere I Can Get Vehicle Graphics Near Me?”

Mobile Branding

As much as we may roll our eyes when marketing gurus speak of “branding” ad nauseum, we have to admit that branding is very important. To create a successful brand for your Chicagoland business, you should take your brand with you everywhere you go. And the best way to do that is by taking your brand on the road with some high quality vehicle graphics. When it comes to signs, there’s nothing that offers the same level of potential reward for such a minimal outlay as vehicle graphics. With the amount of driving that the average person does in Chicagoland, roads, highways, and parking lots are the perfect place to appeal to potential customers everywhere. Vehicle graphics, decals, magnets, and wraps all have their specific advantages, and can achieve excellent results for your business.

Vehicle Graphics

By using vehicle graphics on your automobile, you have the ability to reach entirely new audiences. You don’t have to worry that you’re wasting your advertising budget on an audience that is not your target demo because your vehicle graphics can be seen by absolutely anybody in Chicagoland. Vehicle graphics turn what is downtime commuting into active advertising time. In a sense, you’re turning nothing into something.

All of the above is true for small businesses. If you’re a house painter, a plumber, a handy person, or if you run a maid service, a private tutoring service, or any other business that requires a lot of travel to and from work sites, people’s homes, or wherever, then it would be downright silly not utilize vehicle graphics. But this applies to larger businesses, too. Any business that operates a fleet of vehicles should definitely consider a vehicle graphics package. For fleets, not only do vehicle graphics increase your advertising reach, but they help to uniformly brand all your vehicles, thus making your business look more professional.

Who Can Use Vehicle Graphics?

At this point, if you’re still not inspired to go out and find somewhere that you can get vehicle graphics near you, maybe you just need some more concrete examples of what kinds of vehicles can use graphics. Vehicle graphics can be installed on all of the following vehicles:

  • Taxis
  • Landscaping and other construction companies
  • Vehicle rental agencies
  • Cleaning companies
  • And more!

What are Vehicle Graphics?

OK, but what exactly are vehicle graphics? What do they look like when they’re on a vehicle? What are the different kinds of vehicle graphics? Well, your vehicle graphics options include the following:

  • Decals
  • Full-body graphics
  • Magnets
  • Side graphics
  • Perforated window graphics

“I’m convinced! Where Can I Get Vehicle Graphics near me?”

If you would like to learn more about vehicle graphics or get some vehicle graphics for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles in Chicagoland, please contact SIGNificant Graphics today.


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